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Broovies Cafe is an England-themed cafe operating in Kulai Indahpura, and had its Grand Opening on 10 July 2015. Our menu consists of a variety selection of western food, small bites, gourmet coffee and beverages.
The concept of England-styled is inspired by our head chef who is a British-Chinese who had lived in Leeds since born. We place great emphasis on our food, beverages with real ingredients and, the services as well. For busy urbanites, our house-blend coffee and good comfort food that always crafted with care to indulge yourself in the relaxing moment. 
We serve pork-free and provide catering services for small and intimate events such as baby shower, parties, celebrations and corporate meetings.
2021 marks a milestone of 6 years for Broovies, our team will remain the pride itself on the quality and the attention to details to serve you better.

Snack Platter B家拼盘

Garlic Bread 蒜蓉麵包

Sweet Potato Milkshake 紫薯奶昔

Oreo Milkshakes 奥利奥奶昔

Mango & Passion Yogurt 芒果百香优格饮

Banana Berries Yogurt 莓果香蕉优格饮

Espresso Ice Cubes Latte 浓缩咖啡冰块拿铁

Soda Drinks 苏打饮料

Broovies Milk Tea B家奶茶

Tiramisu 提拉米苏

Strawberry Waffle with Vanila Ice Cream 草莓松饼(香草雪糕)

Fruity Ice Cream Platter 冰淋花园

Fresh Cream Mix Fruit Waffle 鲜奶油杂果松饼

Broovies Dessert Platter 甜蜜分享

Banana Nutella Chocolate Waffle 香蕉榛果巧克力松饼(巧克力雪糕)

Sweet Potato Milk 紫薯牛奶

Seaweed French Fries 海带风味薯条

Smoked Duck Salad 烟熏鸭沙拉

Smoked Duck Aglio Olio 烟熏鸭蒜香辣炒意大利面

Tea 茶

Meatball Marinara Spaghetti 番茄鸡肉丸意大利面

Hot Chocolate 热可可

Set Meal 套餐

Seafood Aglio Olio 海鲜蒜香辣炒意大利面

Baked Cheese Tart 自制流心芝士塔

Cheesy Wedges 芝士马铃薯

Calamari Ring 炸苏东圈

Butter Garlic Mussels 牛油蒜香青口

Rose Latte 玫瑰拿铁

Ala Carte Menu 单点菜单

Bak Long Long Juice 酸梅山沙梨

Rainbow Mille Crepe 彩虹香草千层蛋糕

Fungi Aglio Olio 香菇蒜香辣炒意大利面

Small Bites 小吃

Mix Fruit Tea 新鲜杂果红茶

Carbonara 奶油芝士意大利面

Mix Fruit Waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream 杂果松饼(香草雪糕)

Coffee Ice-blended 咖啡冰沙

Birthday/ Romantic Decor 生日/ 浪漫布置

Meatball Baked Cheese Rice 鸡肉丸番茄芝士焗饭